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The Results Are In

The results are in for Dexter’s DNA test. Dexter is an Australian Cattle Dog/Australian Shepherd/Dachshund mix.

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If you’re interested in finding out the genetic makeup in your mixed breed dog, check out my post on Wrestling with Dexter.

Dog Breed Inquiry

Samina has a question. She got a Shih Tzu mix puppy from the shelter and wants to know how to determine his exact breed.

It can be difficult to tell what breed a puppy is until she or he is an adult, but Dog DNA testing is one way to determine your puppy’s genetic makeup.

I would also suggest following the guidelines of How to Identify Your Adopted Mutt in Six Steps.

Animal Planet has a great show called Dogs 101 about dog breeds. Here’s their short video on Shih Tzus.

Regardless of what breed your new puppy is, with proper training and a lot of love, he or she will be a loving companion for you and your family.

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Wrestling with Dexter


This is a new friend I met at the park. His name is Dexter and he is a four year old whatever. His family met him at the Humane Society shelter when he was eight weeks old. His breed is unknown at this time. Whatever his breed is, we know by just being around him that he is very smart and full of energy.

After watching me catch the frisbee, he figured out real quick that if you go retrieve it and bring it back to a family member it will get thrown again. His family is very curious as to his breed mixture so they are sending a sample of his DNA for testing. The family thinks he might be part Border Collie and a mixture of something else. What do you think?

There are a lot of great dogs like Dexter at your local dog shelter. Check ’em out. They need a home. Just like me, they’ll become someone’s best friend.

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Ellie and Dexter wrestling

I’m teaching Dexter how to wrestle without getting hurt.

Ellie and Dexter playing

Shaggy and Me

Elle's friend, Shaggy, at the dog park

This is my good friend Shaggy. He is probably a mixture of Beagle and terrier of some sort; however, it really doesn’t matter as to his breed. He is just a great guy when it comes to running and wrestling at the dog park.

Elle's friend, Shaggy, at the dog park

He’s just another example of one of the many great dogs one can find at the shelter. If you are looking for an addition to your family then stop by your local animal shelter or visit one of the many rescue groups found in your area.

Back from Thanksgiving

Ellie is back from Thanksgiving

Hi, I’m back from the holidays and I hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving.  Since I was born last December, this was my first time to celebrate this fantastic holiday of Thanksgiving.  Being a rescue dog from the shelter, I certainly have reason to be thankful.  First of all for having a nice comfortable home to live in, having a family that really takes good care of me, and for being part of a family that loves to cook.

You know that last one is really important.

Like most dogs, I love good food.  I mean the stuff that is freshly cooked like a freshly baked turkey.  I spent a lot of time in the kitchen this past week begging, putting on my hungry puppy face, and buttering up to any family member that I thought would feed me some of that fresh cooked turkey.  Hey, it worked!  Since then I’ve indulged in a turkey snack for the past three days.  However, I think this is ending for now and I guess I’ll have to settle for my boring dog food.  Don’t get me wrong— I’m still very thankful for dog food.  It still beats being lost and hungry.  Did I just hear them talking about a Christmas dinner?  Wow, I can’t wait!  I’m all ears on this one.

This holiday season don’t forget about my pals at the shelters where there are some great looking dogs and cats waiting to be adopted.  Go visit an animal shelter in your area.  Who knows, maybe you and your family might be celebrating Christmas by sharing your home with a new furry family member.