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Give your dog a microchip for the holidays

Ellie playing at Pawm Springs dog park with her friends

Ellie playing with her friends at Pawm Springs dog park

Hi, everyone.  The weather has been cool which has been great for us dogs to run and play at the Pawm Springs dog park in Sugar Land.  This park is large enough for us play chase, roll around, and wrestle.  The fence around the perimeter keeps us safe from traffic and provides us with an opportunity to really run hard and fast.  Our moms and dads are comfortable with releasing us from our leashes so we are free to be dogs.

I would like to remind everyone this holiday season to get their dog micro-chipped just in case one of us gets separated and lost.  Getting your dog micro-chipped is really easy to do.  Just call your vet’s office and schedule an appointment.  The chip is inserted under the skin behind our necks, but is painless.  Then you go online, type in the url provided by your vet, and register your pet. And if your pet is ever lost or stolen, you can go online and report him or her missing. Animal Control and vet offices have scanners that will read your dog’s microchip. Remember to always update your contact information so someone can contact you if they find your dog.