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  1. Adrianne

    Hi there, just wanted to connect we just purchased a jack Russell schnauzer mix. Would love to hear about your experiences, etc, advice! :)


    1. Ellie Post author

      We found out through our experiences that a Jack Russell/Schnauzer mix is a very high energy dog that needs a lot of physical activity! One great way to exercise your dog is to go to the dog park and let them run, play with other dogs, or play fetch.

      Another great way to exercise your dog is by playing frisbee. If you want to teach them to catch a frisbee, start with bouncing a ball. I recommend the cloth frisbee found at Petsmart because it won’t damage their teeth like hard plastic frisbees. They also like to jump so anything within jumping distance is fair game to play with or eat.

      Even though Ellie is high energy, she loves to watch television and cuddle. She’s definitely a family dog.


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