The Results Are In

The results are in for Dexter’s DNA test. Dexter is an Australian Cattle Dog/Australian Shepherd/Dachshund mix.

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If you’re interested in finding out the genetic makeup in your mixed breed dog, check out my post on Wrestling with Dexter.


Petri, a Chinese Crested/Papillon

This is Petri, a Chinese Crested/Papillon mix. When people see a Chinese Crested, they think it has mange, but it is actually hairless. Petri, like other Chinese Cresteds, is outgoing, energetic and spright. They make wonderful companions for children and seniors.



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Meet my new friend Rufus who is a Vizsla. He is a what??? A Vizsla is a Hungarian pointer. These dogs are bred to be hunting dogs and make great pointers and retrievers. As you can see, he is a beautiful rust color from his nose to his tail.

Rufus and Ellie

This was the first outing at the dog park for Rufus. Since he is only four months old, his mom decided to let him play at the small dog side of the park and that was probably a good decision. Being only four months old he is kind of clumsy and awkward; however, as he matures he will become very quick and sharp. After all he is a hunting dog. We played wrestling and chase with him and taught him a few tricks on making those quick sharp turns.

Rufus meeting Duke, the dachshund/mini-pin

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Meet Pinkie, Brain, and Their Puppy

Pinkie and Brain's puppy, a schnauzer.

He is cute. He’s a six week old schnauzer who is experiencing his first outing to the Pawm Springs dog park. He came with his schnauzer mom, Pinkie, and his dad Brain. Think of the cartoon characters; however these schnauzers are better looking. When the puppy was born, he had a furry black coat. Now he sports a grey coat that matches his mom and dad.

If you can think of a name for him let us know and we’ll pass it on to his owners.


Pinkie and Brain with their schnauzer puppy

6-week-old schnauzer puppy

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Dog Breed Inquiry

Samina has a question. She got a Shih Tzu mix puppy from the shelter and wants to know how to determine his exact breed.

It can be difficult to tell what breed a puppy is until she or he is an adult, but Dog DNA testing is one way to determine your puppy’s genetic makeup.

I would also suggest following the guidelines of How to Identify Your Adopted Mutt in Six Steps.

Animal Planet has a great show called Dogs 101 about dog breeds. Here’s their short video on Shih Tzus.

Regardless of what breed your new puppy is, with proper training and a lot of love, he or she will be a loving companion for you and your family.

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