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Time for a Summer Trim

Ellie before cutting her fur trimmed

This is a picture of me before I went to the groomer. Getting pretty shaggy, right? This January our weather has been warmer than usual here in Texas so I decided it was time to get rid of my winter coat. Normally I don’t trim my winter coat until the end of February; however, we have had some days in the eighty degree range. While chasing the frisbee at the dog park, I thought I was going to come down with a heat stroke. So off to the groomers I went with instructions to give me that summer cut. Check me out below.

I think the groomer gave me a super cool ‘do. Now watch the weather in February turn from warm to extreme cold. If that happens I’ll just put on my sweater. Well it’s time to get my frisbee and head out to the park. See y’all later.

ellie after getting her fur trimmed

Getting my fur done

Ellie before grooming

Ellie before grooming

It’s that time again: time to make a trip to the groomer for a shampoo, cut, and style.  This also includes a manicure.  During my days while I was lost and roaming the streets, the only time I received a bath was when it rained.  Now great professional people pamper and groom me so I look my best.  I am a mixed breed of schnauzer and Jack Russell terrier which presents a problem for groomers.  The fur on my face and head is very soft; from my neck on down my fur is very wiry.

The groomers do a great job of putting me at ease and bring out the best in my coat of fur.  This is no easy task since during my street days someone tried to injure my face and paws.  Ever since then I have been very protective of these areas, and I don’t like anyone trimming my beard and my paws.  I have gotten much better at trusting the groomers and this time I let them give me a closer trim.  I’m slowly getting over the past trauma and beginning to trust people when it comes to my face and paws.  In fact, now I kind of enjoy it, and I have to admit that I like feeling clean and styled again.

Ellie after grooming at Natural Pawz

Ellie after grooming