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The Big Dig

seven foot deep hole in the garden

This past week the plumbers had to dig a large deep hole in my backyard in order to repair a plumbing leak.  Me being a dog, I was really excited and prepared to help with the dig.  After all this is one of the many things we are good at—digging.  I got into some of the action; however, I had to get out of the way since the professionals were really better at digging than me.  So I stepped back and l watched them work.  Talk about a hole—eight feet long and seven feet deep!  It would have taken me a month to dig that.  Hope they don’t expect me to cover it back up.  As you know, dogs are good at digging but not at covering up.

In the next picture, if you are wondering what is growing, well, that is lemongrass.  This weekend we used some of the lemongrass to make lemongrass, ginger, and vanilla bean ice cream.  The family said it tasted really good.  I didn’t eat any since I didn’t know if it was safe for me to eat.  However, I did eat some Blue Bell vanilla ice cream—now that was good.

ellie in the garden

Working in the garden

Ellie planting pansies

Ellie in the wheelbarrow

Guess what?  It’s a clear and warm day with a high of 83 degrees.  Believe it or not where I live, this is fall weather.  So with a nice day like this the family decided to plant their fall flowers, and you know me, I’m always willing to help.  Well, my expertise is digging—that’s what I know best. So I dug the holes in the flowerbed and my granddad placed the pansies in the holes.  After we finished that, we packed the soil around the pansies and then took the water hose and watered soil around them. I got yelled at a couple of times: once for digging too many holes and then for sneaking off to play behind the shrubs.  As you might have noticed, I managed to bring my Frisbee along with me.  I figured that as soon as we finished then we could go play catch with the Frisbee.  After all, we all need a little break after a few hours of hard work.

flowerbedOne of two flowerbeds where we planted pansies.  It doesn’t look like much now; however, give it a few weeks.

flowers in the garden

These have bright colors.  I guess I’ll need to stay out of the flowerbed until these become much larger.