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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

christmas tree
From: Ellie and Family

Ellie tired after begging for Christmas treats
Our family Christmas was great. The gift I received was a new teddy bear. I then gave my family and all of our guests their gift—hugs and kisses. After playing with my new teddy bear and begging for treats from the dinner table, I was exhausted. So I grabbed the bear and we both jumped on the sofa and we took a quick nap. Wishing everyone happy and safe holidays. Hope to see you all at the dog park soon. 

Sending my I.O.U. to the IRS

Ellie sitting at the computer doing her taxes

April 15th. Time to do my Federal Income Tax.

I’d better finish this since today is April 15th, which is the deadline for mailing in my federal tax forms. Let’s see, I need to enter my adjusted gross income on line 38, then subtract line 40 from 38, multiply $3700 by the number on line 6d.

After that, count the toes on my front paws and divide that into line 43 and enter that number on line 44 and multiply it by the spots on my stomach and enter that number on line 55. Then subtract line 62 from 55 and that is what I owe.

Are you kidding!!! I owe that!!! Sixteen bones – I owe 16 bones. What is the IRS thinking! Are they thinking I’m made of bones?  Come to think of it I guess I am, sort of.

Well, I‘ll have to go dig them up and send them in today. Maybe next year I can count AJ, the cat, as a dependent. Probably not, since dogs don’t have cats and cats don’t have dogs. I would have a difficult time convincing the IRS on that one.

Ellie doing her taxes

Ellie with a pencil
Whew! I’m finally finished. I think I’ll go downstairs and reward myself with a stiff drink and a chicken chew. Good thing that this income tax process only comes once a year. Good luck on your taxes. See y’all later at the dog park.

Now How Do I Get Down From Here?

Ellie going up the attic stairs . . . or not.

Ellie going up the attic stairs . . . or not.

My family had to do some maintenance in the attic. So my Grandad opened the attic and pulled down this ladder. He went up the ladder to work in the attic. I thought he could use my help so I decided to follow him.

After all how hard could it be to walk up this ladder thing? Well, not so difficult going up; however, going down was another matter. See us dogs are used to leading off with our front paws and going down the ladder requires us to lead with our back paws. Not so easy.

I did manage to make it back down; however, I think I’ll let him handle the attic work on his own. I’ll just bark up my advice to him from the floor level. After all, what goes up must come down and down I’ll stay.

Ellie barking her advice to Grandad

Ellie barking her advice to Grandad