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So You Want A Dog

Ellie wants to have a serious talk with you

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine what type of dog would be the right fit with you and your lifestyle.

  1. What size do you want? Dogs can weigh anywhere from 3 lbs to more than 140 lbs.  A small dog may be easier to take walking whereas a large dog would have the longer legs to go jogging.
  2. What type of dwelling do you live in? An apartment or a house? Is there a fenced-in yard or dog park nearby?  My large friends want an area where they can run and exercise.
  3. How energetic do you want us to be? And how energetic are you? How much time do you have to exercise and play with us? Do you want us to jog with you or would you prefer us to lounge around and sit in your lap or something in between?
  4. What type of fur should we have? How much time do you have to devote to grooming (i.e. brushing/combing/washing) us? Dogs with short coats usually require less grooming than dogs with long or medium coats.
  5. What type of temperament would you like for us to have (i.e. friendly, stand-offish, feisty and playful etc)?
  6. Will we be interacting with children or other pets/animals?
  7. Are you willing to learn how to train us?
  8. How protective do you want us to be? Would you prefer us to be a strong guard or one that just barks to let you know when someone is at the door?
  9. What kind of climate do you live in?  Many of us cannot tolerate extreme temperatures.

There are a few dog breed quizzes to help you figure out what type of dog you want—each quiz is short and the questions vary by quiz so it’s recommended that you answer at least two quizzes to get an accurate determination of what dog you want:

Animal Planet’s Dog Breed Selector quiz
Purina’s Dog Breed Selector
Pedigree’s Select-A-Dog quiz

Other important links in helping you to decide what dog to get:

AKC’s Guide to The Right Dog For You
Web MD’s Best Dog Breed For Your Health
Web MD’s Best Dog Breeds for Families and Children’s A Guide to Choosing A Dog’s Guide to Dog Adoption
IAMS Dog Breed Profiles
ASPCA’s Guide to Adopting the Right Dog For You

These are just some of the issues that need to be considered before you bring one of us into your home to be part of your family. We are naturally happy and are willing to please; therefore, we want you to be happy along with us.