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About Ellie

A miniature Schnauzer/Jack Russell mix living in Texas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

christmas tree
From: Ellie and Family

Ellie tired after begging for Christmas treats
Our family Christmas was great. The gift I received was a new teddy bear. I then gave my family and all of our guests their gift—hugs and kisses. After playing with my new teddy bear and begging for treats from the dinner table, I was exhausted. So I grabbed the bear and we both jumped on the sofa and we took a quick nap. Wishing everyone happy and safe holidays. Hope to see you all at the dog park soon. 

New Friend in the Neighborhood

tom cat

My new neighbor from across the street is a seven-month-old tom cat. At first when he appeared in my backyard, I would chase him from the yard. Then one day we both decided that maybe we could be friends. After we sniffed each other and checked each other out, we realized that we were missing a great opportunity. We were both bored with not much to do. So we started chasing each other, and before we knew it, we were wrestling. By now everyone should know that I really love wrestling. What a great discovery: a cat that loves to wrestle. Am I lucky or what?!

Redbone Coonhound

Chase's tail

While at the dog park, my friend Chase and I took a break from wrestling and chasing each other to practice the skill of sniffing for rabbits. Needless to say there were no rabbits to be found during the daytime. I know what you are thinking—this dog’s tail is long. It’s almost as long as me. Chase is a Redbone Coonhound who was bred for hunting in all kinds of terrain. A long tail is necessary while hunting in order for the hunter to find his hounds in the dense brush.

Chase, a redbone coonhound

Hmmmm. That long tail starts here

Dogs like Chase need to live in the countryside or suburbs where they can run and burn off some of their high energy. They are great family dogs; however, they will require training and need to socialize with the family.

Chase, who is now five months old, was found at the SPCA. He only had one day left from not being in this world when his new family adopted him. I guess you could also call him lucky.
There are all kinds of wonderful dogs at the SPCA and animal shelters in your area. It is amazing how many breeds of dogs can be found at these shelters.  Adoptions only cost $60 and this includes all vaccinations.  Visit a shelter and I bet you’ll find a dog or a cat that you’ll fall in love with and one that will love you in return. After all I came from the shelter and I love my family and they love me.
Now that the summer heat is gone, there is no excuse for not visiting the dog park. See you there.

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