My Toys R Washed

ellie watches her frisbees being washed (in the washer)

Hey, stop! My frisbees are in there!

Yesterday my mom decided that my cloth toys needed to be washed – especially my two frisbees. These frisbees have been tossed about at the dog park, caught by me and other dogs with our mouths, and then pulled and dragged in a tug of war.  Well you get the picture – with the dirt and dog saliva, they were filthy.  So Mom gathered up the frisbees and all the other cloth toys and placed them in the washer.  I never thought about cleaning my toys.  After all I get a bath, and my food and water bowls, and bedding are washed; however, I never thought about cleaning my toys.  So gather up your cloth toys, inspect the label, and wash them according to the instructions.  Those that cannot be washed or cleaned should be tossed in the trash.  Clean toys will insure your health and safety and will keep your home safe and clean.

Have fun, play hard, and see y’all at the dog park.

ellie with her frisbee at the park

It’s nice to have my clean and fresh smelling frisbee back. Let me see? Who is that over there? I wonder if they would like to play tug of war with a clean frisbee.

One thought on “My Toys R Washed

  1. David Gao

    Hi Ellie,
    We met at the dog park yesterday afternoon. I’m the corgi, Bella. I enjoyed meeting and playing with you. You seems so nice. I am sure we can be good friends.

    I hope to see you there again soon.

    David and Windy (my owners)


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