Mutts Are Us: the Rise of the Mutt


As you can tell from my photos, I’m not a purebred dog.  I’m a Schnauzer/Jack Russell mixed breed.  About half of the other dogs that I meet at Pawm Springs dog park are some type of mix.  It’s becoming a world of mixed dogs with new breeds called Cockapoos, Schnoodles, Chiweenies, Chonzers, Morkies, Yorkie-Poos and the list goes on.

Ellie sitting in the grass outside

The rising acceptance or popularity of mutts is due to the inbreeding from puppy farms of purebred dogs along with the cache of owning a “designer” (aka mixed breed) dog (and the rise of “designer” dog breeders), but whether we’re purebred or mixed, bought from a breeder or found at the shelter, our human parents love us all the same.

close up of Ellie sitting in the grass

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One thought on “Mutts Are Us: the Rise of the Mutt

  1. Suzie Gragg

    Hi Ellie,
    We met at the dog park today. I’m the corgi, Duchess. I enjoyed meeting and playing with you.

    I hope to see you there again soon.

    Duchess and Suzie(my owner)


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