The Paws Have It

ellie sitting in the grass

I just realized that I’m a southpaw.  Yes, that’s right, a southpaw.  Apparently dogs are born with a dominant front paw.  Now I don’t know if it matters if we are right-pawed or south-pawed like it does in humans.  Do southpaw dogs use the right side of their brain or does the use of one paw over another signify anything about the brain?  Humans get into these discussions as to what side of their brain is dominant and if this translates into some type of skill or trait in which they may excel.  When it comes to dogs, well we really don’t care one way or another.  We just want to go to the dog park, run and play with our friends, and then go home and cuddle up next to you while you watch your favorite tv program.  As for our paws, just help us protect them from injuries by watching where you step when we are standing around your feet, keep our nails and fur trimmed, and keep the area between our toes clean.

Here are some links to learn whether your dog (or cat) is right or left handed.
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